Cut School


BELLEZAK provides a hair dressing course.

“Japanese Hairdressers” are now building a world-wide reputation for their high quality and sophisticated techniques.

Although we sometimes speak “Japanglish”, our customers love our service and, therefore, become addicted to “Japanese Hairdressers”

However, there is no secret in our hairdressing techniques.

In fact, anyone can learn and acquire these techniques.

The problem was that no one had ever provided the training.

Now, BELLEZAK CUT ACADEMY can provide you a comprehensive hairdressing course in which you will learn the styling theory as well as hands on training in order to acquire the quality techniques in a short period of time. You will easily be able to control different hair volumes and textures to create any hair style that your customers love.

BELLEZAK’s experienced hairdressing specialists will visit your salon to provide a personal training at a convenient time for you.

It is not a “lecture”, you WILL master the art of Japanese hair cutting and styling techniques.


One 3-hour lesson – $185 including a training mannequin head

First lesson – $270 including a training mannequin head and a clamp

First lesson – Hair Cutting & Styling Theory


Basic Course

• One length

• Long graduated cut

• Medium graduated cut

• Short graduated cut

• Long layered cut

• Medium layered cut

• Short layered cut

• Wolf cut

• Men’s cut

• Taper cut


Advanced Course

• Medium graduation arrangement

• Two blocks

• Model