SKIN O2 : Welcome to the next generation of Beauty.

SKIN O2 is the doctor’s formula produced by Dr. Aaron Atia.


About Dr,Atia.

MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

AARS – American Academy of Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery

WAHRS – World Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons

ASCM – Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine

Phlebologist – Member of the Australasian College of Phlebology


He is one of the most successful and trusted doctor in cosmetic surgery and skin cancer therapy.

Formulated with the highest quality breakthrough anti-aging ingredients,utilizing cosmetic surgeries best kept secrets and after years of development, Dr.Atia believes that these products are all that most people need to restrore and maintain a cleaner, more youthful and radiant complexion.

The SKIN O2 proudly Australian Medi Skincare range has been designed to be easy to use,effective for Australian skin concerns and affordable,premium doctor formulated,quality Essential range-to cleanse,exfoliate,balance or nourish followed by Advanced Corrective Skincare-to help treat specific skin concerns.

Your prescription for healthy skin…..


Cleanse:Glycol gel cleanser 150ml ($45)

Balancing cream cleanser 150ml ($45)

Exfoliate:Microdermabrasion cream 4% 50g ($45)  or   8% 50g ($45),

with Retinyl palmitate 50g ($45)

 Balance or Nourish:Smooth skin 50g ($45)

Collagen renewal 50g ($45)

Peptide eye cream 50g ($69)

Advanced skincare: Multi vit 30ml ($59),

Hyaluronic acid serum 15ml ($59)

Potent C serum 15ml ($59)

Ultraclear serum 15ml ($59)

 Sunscreen : Facial tint SPF30+ 75g ($40)


Professional Facial Treatment by BELLEZAK

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